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Our shop is composed of carefully selected content creators and digital sculptors which, paired with some of our own original sculpted and 3D printed designs, allows us to enhance your tabletop game or wargaming nights with some of the best quality models in the Miniature World. Much of our content comes from paid print licenses obtained through Patreon and Kickstarter Campaigns. This keeps our shop consistently growing each month with new models available for purchase as they're released by our partners!



Big Miniature World was created to be a full-service 3D-print shop, where we can take on digital sculpting commissions, provide quality 3D printing services featuring some of the best modelers in the miniature world, 3D-scan your items into digital models, and also paint your models by request. However you'd like to get there, we're here to bring your creative ideas to life.



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Select a model designed by one of our highly talented partners and we'll 3D-print it for you through our Etsy Shop. We can 3D print using our liquid resin SLA printers or our plastic FDM printers if you need something large-scale. We also prime everything we print for you! If you're looking for something custom made you can commission us to digitally sculpt your design for you. Already have a model but just want it painted? Send it our way and we'll paint it up and ship it back!


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