About Big Miniature World, LLC

Inspired by all things fantasy and adventure, our shop's focus is on bringing unique pieces to your roleplaying table. We bring game night into your everyday life with jewelry and accessories inspired by your favorite games and mythos.

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Our Big Miniature Makers

Owner, Maker, Painter
As a GM for tabletop RPG campaigns over the years, I've cultivated an interest in miniature painting, 3D printing, and digital sculpting. Big Miniature World is what grew from these interests.
Model Sculptor

Danny's sculpts are as creative as they are hyper-real. His additions to our shop's upcoming line of exclusive models will showcase his aptitude for premium quality character creation. Be sure to check out his Artstation and see what he can do!


I play old-school RPGs, boardgames, various tabletop wargames, and paint so many minis. I've been painting commissions for more than 10 years!