Digital Scanning
    Scanning physical items into a digital space can provide you with many uses. If you're looking to make copies of the scanned object through 3D printing or use the digital copy in various software applications, we can provide you with high-fidelity digital scans and resin 3D prints of the items you send us.
    3D Printing Service

    If you have a 3D print file prepared and are looking for someone to print and ship it to you, look no further! Please send us a message below or through our Etsy Shop explaining what files you'd like to send to us to print, along with how many models you'd like printed and at what scale.

    Painting Service
    We use a wide range of acrylic and specialty paints to add some color to your models. Whether you're looking to spice up your tabletop RPG nights with painted minis, or to commission us to paint a detailed display piece, if you're interested in having us paint your models feel free to reach out through the form below!
    Sculpting Service

    While the majority of what we print comes from other highly talented digital sculptors, we're familiar with the process and software (ZBrush) required to sculpt custom digital models for 3D print.