Digital Scanning

Scanning physical items into a digital space can provide you with many uses. If you're looking to make copies of the scanned object through 3D printing or use the digital copy in various software applications, we can provide you with high-fidelity digital scans and resin 3D prints of the items you send us. To get started, contact us with details about what you'd like to scan and we'll take it from there!

3D Printing

Select from over 2000 unique 3D printable resin models via our shop or request something custom printed. We print your models using 8k resolution resin 3D printers, providing you with the highest possible print quality every time. We also prime everything we print with Army Painter white paint primer so that every detail pops and you can begin painting straight out of the box. While our inventory is geared for those who play tabletop RPGs, we can print models you provide the files for at nearly any scale.

Painting Commissions

Want to add some color to your RPG miniatures or add something special to your display case? We can paint any one of our models to a high level of detail and meet your specifications on color schemes and references. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and see what we've been working on!

Digital Sculpting

Looking for something more specific? While the majority of what we print comes from other highly talented digital sculptors, we're familiar with the process and software required to sculpt custom digital models for 3D print. We utilize Zbrush to bring your creative ideas directly to your tabletop. If you're interested in commissioning Big Miniature World to sculpt something for you, simply contact us with details of what you'd like to have us make.